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Agemont S.p.A. is the Agency for the Economic Development of the Mountain Region, and comprises a public limited company founded by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region through regional law 36/87. It has been operational since 1989.

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The aim of the company is to promote the creation of new economic initiatives and encourage the development of the human and material resources of the mountain region through:

  • research and planning activities for the development of new economic activities with specific reference to those of an intersectorial nature;
  • the promotion of local entrepreneurs and the attraction of entrepreneurs from outside;
  • technical and consultancy services regarding organisation and management on behalf of businesses relocating to the mountain region;
  • the organisation and implementation of training activities and professional refresher courses aimed in particular at satisfying the demands for qualification from the entrepreneurs and directors of the companies present in the mountain region;
  • financial engineering operations;
  • national and regional community projects with links or effects concerning the mountain region.


Main headquarters and registered offices:
Agemont S.p.A.
Via J. Linussio 1
33020 Amaro (UD) - Italy
tel. 0433 486111
fax 0433 486500
mail: agemont@agemont.it

Branch office:
Agemont S.p.A.
Viale della Vittoria 9
33085 Maniago (PN)
tel. 0427 72638
fax 0427 700969
mail: agemont@agemont.it